“Develop premier leaders of character for tomorrow’s Air Force”

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The Air Force ROTC mission is to “Develop premier leaders of character for tomorrow’s Air Force.”

There are 145 Detachments across the country, each with their own network of cross-town schools, reaching over 1,100 universities.  Meaning you can study and participate in AFROTC at almost any institution.  For a complete list of Detachments and Cross-Town Schools, use our Detachment Locator!

The typical curriculum follows a four-year track; however, variations in the length of the program are possible.  Work with Detachment Cadre, to see if variations are possible for you.  Below is a breakdown of the typical curriculum:

  • General Military Course (GMC): Freshmen and sophomores focus on building their knowledge on Air Force basics, dress and appearance, followership skills, communication, drill and ceremonies, etc.  All while preparing for Field Training.
  • Field Training typically occurs between a cadet’s sophomore and junior years. It is currently twelve days long and consists of standardized training and constant evaluation of a cadet’s leadership skills.
  • Professional Officer Course (POC): Juniors and seniors focus on the development of their leadership and management skills as they prepare for active duty.

We understand paying for school can be a challenge.  That is why we offer a series of merit-based scholarships!  Scholarships can range from one to four years, paying partial to full tuition, fees, books, and even a tax-free monthly stipend.  There are two types of scholarships available to cadets: the high-school scholarship program (HSSP) and the in-college scholarship program (ICSP).  For more information about these programs, please visit: www.afrotc.com/scholarships.

There are a number of exclusive opportunities for cadets to participate in.

These include Project Global Officer (a language immersion program), internships, parachuting, gliding, Advanced Course in Engineering (ACE), and more!