Leadership Training

It’s What We Do Every day

There are three main components of AFRTOC.  Those components are Aerospace Studies courses, Leadership Lab and Physical Training.  AT any detachment across the nation, you will variations of the three components.  Look below to see a brief description of how we do things at Syracuse University.

Aroespace Studies

AFROTC Classroom in sessionEach year of the four-year program has one level of aerospace studies lecture courses. Typically, the freshman and sophomore courses are one credit hour each while the junior and senior courses are three credit hours each.

  • The freshman level courses provide the new cadet with a general overview of the Air Force. The topics include pay, benefits, careers, bases, standards and even a few lessons on war.
  • The sophomore level courses will start the process of team and leadership fundamentals.
  • The junior level course is a more detailed look at leadership.
  • The senior level courses are all about regional studies and equipping the soon to be officer with the tools necessary to succeed once on active duty.

AFROTC ground exercise.

Leadership Laboratory

Cadets meet once a week for two hours to complete this requirement. The lab is broken into two different levels. During the lab environment, the General Military Course cadets (freshman and sophomores) are trained by the Professional Officer Course cadets (juniors and seniors) on various topics. Those topics include things such as, drill and ceremonies, customs and courtesies, small unit tactics, and followership.

The Professional Officer Course cadets plan and execute the required training objectives each week, so their piece of the puzzle takes a vast amount of coordination and discipline

AFROTC cadets running.Physical Training

We meet for physical training four times week at various locations. At those meetings, we spend about an hour fine-tuning our bodies for maximum performance. Workouts are typically dynamic in nature and can include intense levels of both aerobic and anaerobic workouts.