Scholarship awards are always merit-based. They are awarded on a competitive basis – not on a financial need-basis. All academic majors are eligible – not just those focused on STEM. You do not need to be on scholarship to be a cadet. The scholarship process looks at cadets on a whole-person concept – the board reviews academic performance, standardized testing, physical fitness, leadership potential and more. It is important to understand that all AFROTC scholarships are merit-based and each cadet will compete nationally against his or her peers for a potential scholarship.

High school seniors can compete for the High School Scholarship Program, Freshman and Sophomores in college can compete for the In College Scholarship Program. Juniors and Seniors are not eligible to compete for scholarships through the AFROTC program. Received scholarships from the AFROTC program will come with funding for tuition and fees, a book stipend, and a monthly stipend through the academic year. You are also encouraged to seek out other financial support through scholarships and grants from universities/colleges and other sources.

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