High School Students

High school students are encouraged to apply for the High School Scholarship Program (HSSP) . The HSSP program is competitive and offers a wide range of scholarships for those pursuing their bachelor’s degree!  Scholarships can pay for in-state up to full tuition, fees, books, and a tax-free monthly stipend.  It is important to note that cadets do not need to be on scholarship to be part of Air Force ROTC.  Additionally, there a number of scholarship opportunities while they are in college.  Prospective students are encouraged to come visit the Detachment to meet with Cadre, cadets, and see AFROTC in action.  For more information, please contact the Detachment.

Important Dates:

  • 1 June of Junior Year: HSSP Application Opens
  • 1 December of Senior Year: HSSP Application Closes

For more information, visit: afrotc.com/scholarships

Check here for a checklist on the HSSP Application Process.

Current College Students

Joining AFROTC while in college is as simple as showing up and registering for classes.  We recommend contacting our Detachment to set up an appointment to learn more about the program and determining the best course of action for your degree plan.  There are variations to to the AFROTC curriculum, that allows for shorter program length.  If you are qualified and the program works well with your degree plan, we will begin the application process and get you enrolled in AFROTC classes.  Additionally, there a number of in-college scholarship opportunities.

For more information about scholarships, setting up an appointment, or learning more about the program, please contact the Detachment.

Enlisted Personnel

Commissioning opportunities for enlisted service members are also available. You must be able to attend college full time to be eligible for AFROTC. Furthermore you must be conditionally released from your current contract. The most up to date information can be found here . Your Installation Education Office is also a good resource for information on commissioning programs.

New Student Orientation Program (NSOP)

NSOP occurs at the beginning of every fall semester.  During NSOP new students and parents will be able to interact with both cadre and current cadets.  This allows them to gain additional information about the program and ask questions.  This also provides an opportunity to complete any necessary application paperwork, prepare for uniform issuing, and kick start a new student’s AFROTC career.

For more information about NSOP, including dates/times, please contact the Detachment.