This page consists of recruiting resources and documents for cadets and prospective cadets to access if they have any questions about the program or what’s available to them  The best course of action if you have questions is to contact the Detachment and speak to the Recruiting Flight Commander.

High School Recruiting Information

Our goal is to help educate prospective college students about the Air Force and the number of opportunities it holds.  We are looking to recruit qualified and motivated candidates who have a potential to serve as an officer in the Air Force.  The High School Scholarship Program (HSSP) is a resource we have available to help attract these individuals.  It is important to remember AFROTC has 145 Detachments across the country with over 1,100 cross-town schools.  This means students can study almost anywhere they want while pursing their commission.  Below are a number of resources for prospective high school students or their counselors.

Prior-Enlisted Recruiting Information

A lesser known facet of ROTC is the fact that there are a number of scholarship and commissioning opportunities for current or previously enlisted personnel.  For current enlisted personnel there a number of scholarships available, for more information please see below.  All current or previously enlisted personnel have the opportunity to have several of their academic classes waived due to their time served.  Members of other branches are welcome to join AFROTC and apply for scholarships.  However, they must first obtain a conditional release from their enlistment from their service’s personnel system using a DD Form 368.

For more information on scholarships, visit:

For more information about programs available to prior-enlisted please review our Military Info Guide or contact your Installation Education Office.