Benefits For Cadets

Why Choose SU

  • Priority placement – SU student are able to register for classes before most of their peers, which is a huge advantage due to the speed at which classes fill up each semester.
  • Cadet Camaraderie – Many of our cadets would say that being a part of Air Force ROTC is like being in a fraternity or sorority. We instill a Wingman mentality in our cadets from the beginning of their ROTC experience that sticks with them throughout their career in AFROTC, as well as in their careers as active-duty officers in the world’s greatest Air Force and Space Force.

First Year Experience:

Transitioning to Excellence

The first year in the AFROTC program invites cadets to evaluate and redirect their lives toward excellence. Some cadets say it is an experience like no other. Cadet experiences include high school students who knew from the beginning that they wanted to be in AFROTC, as well as college sophomores that decided halfway through their sophomore year to join AFROTC. Regardless of how cadets enter AFROTC, everyone is on an even playing field, on the same team together, preparing to become Air Force officers.

Support from Syracuse University

For freshman, Syracuse University has its own First Year Experience program, designed to ease the transition of the entire freshman class from high school into university life. The SU First Year Experience is a series of presentations, events, and supportive groups that helps students build a positive community within the larger university.