Chancellor Tolley’s Letter

A Personal Word

Chancellor Tolly's header for his letter to returning veterans

From: Syracuse University

To: Returned War Veterans

Subject: Your Future

A Personal Word

The purpose of this folder is to tell you briefly of the arrangements that we of Syracuse University have made to enable men and women discharged from the Armed Services to resume their education and prepare themselves for their future work and their return to civilian life. These arrangements have been planned to accommodate as wide a range of needs and requirements as possible. As an individual you may fit into one of the following groups:

  1. Men and women who have already done some college work and want to complete their requirements for a degree.
  2. High school graduates who want to get started on their college course.
  3. Men and women who are not in a position to undertake a full college course but wish to prepare for a particular job or for work in a specific field in the shortest time possible.
  4. Those men and women who entered the Armed Forces before completing their high school course and are still undecided about future educational training.

In our Veterans Educational Program, outlined in the following pages, we have aimed to meet all such requirements to the best of our ability and to provide the type of training needed, whether it be a four-year degree program or a vocational course on the college level that can be completed in eight months. If yours is a special case, we shall welcome an opportunity to discuss it with you and to arrange a program suited to your individual needs.

If you need help in making your decisions for the future, our staff of experts in guidance is available to you. If you have questions that are not answered here, or if there are points on which you would like to have further information, please write to Dr. Ernest Reed, Director Veterans Educational Program, Syracuse University, Syracuse 10. N. Y.

William P. Tolley

Chancellor, Syracuse University