The Office of Veteran and Military Affairs (OVMA) Student Veteran Undergraduate Internship Award provides financial assistance to undergraduate student veterans at Syracuse University during the summer semester.

OVMA established the Internship Award to eliminate the financial barriers that impede student veterans from participating in internships.

The Internship Award is intended to cover the cost for the following:

1. Cost of 1-internship credit hour:

  • Funding to pay for the cost of 1-internship credit hour
  • Credit may or may not be a requirement by the employer as a condition for participating in the internship

2. Travel and living expenses:

  • Funding required for travel and living expenses incurred as part of participating in the internship to include internship-related travel, accommodations, living expenses, and required materials
  • Funding does not be used to pay for salaries or major equipment/technology that will become the possession of the applicant after the internship

3. Cost of the 1-internship credit hour, and Travel and Living Expenses

  • Funding to pay for the cost of 1-internship credit hour AND travel and living expenses, as outlined in options 1 & 2 above

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