Beth joined the Army in 1993 after graduating from the United States Military Academy.  While at West Point, she played Army Women’s Lacrosse for four years, serving as the Army team captain her senior year.

Early in her Army career, Beth met her husband, Mike Kubala, a Blackhawk Helicopter Pilot.  Together the Kubala family moved to over eight duty stations in the US and Europe and had three great kids along the way.

Beth spent a career as an Army lawyer with assignments as a Prosecutor, Pentagon attorney, and Guantanamo Bay legal expert.  Her service as an Army JAG officer culminated at the 10th Mountain Division, Fort Drum, where she served as the military judge.  Her husband Mike finished his Army career here at SU as the Army ROTC Professor of Military Science.

Now retired from the Army, the Kubala family resides in the Syracuse area and Beth serves as a Senior Director for the Institute for Veterans and Military Families.  The Kubalas are lacrosse season ticket holders and huge fans.

Zach Kubala is a sophomore at Syracuse University studying Aerospace Engineering and is a member of the Army ROTC Stalwart Battalion.  Josh Kubala is a freshman in high school and plays lacrosse with the Oneida Lake Pirates and the CNS Northstars.

Lindsey Kubala is a 7th grader and plays lacrosse with the CNS Northstars.

Beth’s proudest military moment was retiring after over 22 years of service to the nation surrounded by her loving husband, three great kids, family and friends.  Her family are proud to call the Syracuse community their home.  The Kubalas are both Army fans and Orange fans!