For Joshua Reid, an active duty soldier now stationed in Japan, his training gave him the tools he needed to “continue the climb” while finishing his degree through University College at Syracuse University. “As a 10th Mountain Division soldier, the climb to glory for me is being a role model for my nieces and nephews, and also to my friends and in my community,” he says. Reid says that the time management and discipline he’s learned serving in the military helped him accomplish his goal. “I accept my duties as a soldier and a scholar with a deep reverence.”

SU News talked to Reid about his experience as a student and soldier, and how his Syracuse University degree will help him take the next steps in his career.

What was your favorite course through University College, and what did you learn?

My favorite course was Business Negotiations taught by Professor Katherine Sosa. This course really opened my mind to the concept that everything is negotiable. We engaged in contemporary contract agreements built on real life scenarios, and we learned about positioning and game theory. Ultimately, my key take away was to be cognizant of the negotiation style you need to use to achieve your desired results, whether it is chess or poker.