Outgoing Chair of the Office of Veteran and Military Affairs Reflects on His Support of Student Veterans

Since 2016, cadets in Syracuse University’s Reserve Officer Training Program have been eligible to receive the annual Dottle Family ROTC Cadet Scholarship award. The scholarship is awarded to future leaders who participate in the University’s Army and Air Force ROTC programs, in recognition of their hard work, dedication and commitment to service.

Paul Dottle“My son was just getting started and I was just clicking around on the Syracuse University website when I found the Institute for Veteran and Military Families (IVMF). I reached out to them and set up a meeting,” says Dottle. He met with Vice Chancellor and Executive Director of the IVMF Mike Haynie and Assistant Vice President for Veterans Development for IVMF Raymond Toenniessen. “I was just really blown away by their energy, passion and commitment to military-connected families. I decided right then that this was an effort I could really get behind”

Dottle said his goal was to ensure that students who aren’t on full ROTC scholarships had the financial support to finish their degrees. He also wanted to ensure student veterans had comprehensive support through graduation. “I think we have to be creative to meet student veterans where they are in their journey. If that’s on campus, then Syracuse University can provide a full suite of support. Student veterans tend to be older, and because of that independence, they may have limited support options. We also need to help them with internships and job placement opportunities that meet their unique needs,” says Dottle.