One of the longest consecutive running programs of its kind in the country, Syracuse University’s Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC) trains students to commission as officers in the Army and Air Force. Over the course of their training, cadets are accessed on a wide variety of metrics, including grade point average, physical fitness and leadership. Recently, cadets from both the Army and Air Force received their final assessments and national rankings. Several members from Syracuse University’s Army and Air Force ROTC cadets received prestigious designations and were among the top-ranked cadets in the country.

Distinguished Military Graduates and Recondo Badge Earned

Army cadets attended advanced training camp over the summer, and eight were selected as distinguished military graduates, meaning they were assessed in the top 15% of all cadets nationwide, including active duty, national guard and reserves. They are Madeleine Gordon, Brian Bauer, Isabella Lee, Patrick Little, Jeffrey Estes, John Northrop, Lucas Marchi and Stanley Smudin.

Air Force Cadets Placed in Selective Fields

For Air Force cadets, the assessment process begins their first year in the program and continues through their senior year, appearing in front of their leadership boards. Cadets are evaluated based on their grades, military bearing and technical expertise and are compared to cadets nationwide. During their junior year, cadets submit their preferences for competitive rated career fields, like pilots. Based on these assessments and submitted preferences, the Air Force assigns the cadets their military specialty.

Every Air Force cadet that applied was selected for rated positions within the USAF: Mackenzie Jorgensen, Si Yun (Sara) Lim, Alyssa Rote, Erin Beaudoin, Gerrit Vanvranken, Scott Potter, Jarod Okamura and Paul Dicorso.