Military and veteran students are assigned an advisor at University College in addition to an academic advisor in their home colleges and schools.  University College advisors work in partnership with the schools and colleges to assist our student-veterans with the following:

  • General advising on returning to school, selecting courses, and educational options
  • Undergraduate transcript evaluation, academic advising, and review of degree options
  • Career exploration/overview of appropriate programs of study
  • Admission details for specific undergraduate degree programs and other study options, including a graduate program overview
  • Services for students from educationally and financially disadvantaged backgrounds (Arthur O. Eve Higher Education Opportunity Program)

University College Academic Advisors provide individual advice and assistance to students throughout your entire degree program. Your advisor will help every step of the way in areas such as:

  • Admissions requirements
  • Identifying your degree requirements and options
  • Evaluating your transcripts, including military-related, extra-institutional and experiential Learning
  • Identifying educational and financial services
  • Monitoring your progress
  • Assisting in considering career options
  • Making appropriate referrals to other campus offices

Advisors may:

  • Act as an Advocate for students and as a liaison to SU departments, engage in a petition process with students, and may write letters of recommendation for jobs, internships, graduate and professional schools.
  • Solicit Feedback: Refer a student to a person or office when student’s needs extend beyond the reach of his or her professional; expertise: adjustment problems, assessing learning disabilities, personal crises, grievances, career placement.
  • Deliberate with students about which courses to take, prior learning assessment opportunities, career goals, progress toward successful completion of degree, course schedules and study habits.
  • Inform students of degree requirements, resources for study, and additional campus resources (Learning Center, SU Abroad, Career Services).
  • Keep Records: Advising transcripts, logs, notes, degree progress checklists.
  • Refer: Provide students with the mechanism for offering feedback about students’ perceptions of the advising process.

The Advising Office is open:

Monday-Thursday, 8:30 a.m.-7 p.m

Friday, 8:30 a.m.-5 p.m

Informal advising occurs daily via phone calls or e-mail. 


Phone: 315.443.3261

Address: 700 University Ave, Suite 126 Syracuse NY 13244

Continuing/Returning Students


The University policy governing deployment / redeployment allows for a variety of unique solutions to potential situations in which student-veterans find themselves. These policies minimize the effects of time and financial investment put into a semester already in progress when you are called to active military service. It is important to have a copy of your orders to facilitate these processes:

  • Filing Official Withdrawal / Leave of Absence form – Student-veterans who intend to leave the University before completing degree requirements will need to file these forms whether they intend to return to the University or not. The process is initiated in the home college dean’s office for undergraduates, and in the academic department for graduate students.
  • Re-enrolling after completion of active duty – Information on this procedure can also be obtained from your home college dean’s office or academic department.
  • Receiving incompletes in some classes – Based on the specific course(s) in which you are enrolled and the point in the semester when the call-up occurs, you may be advised to discuss incomplete contracts with an individual instructor.
  • Discussing refunds of tuition and fees – Based on the date of the leave, the Bursar’s office will determine the appropriate refunds to which you are eligible.
  • Obtaining information through the Office of Veteran Success at University College – This on-site center will be available to you for quick referrals related to financial aid issues, cancellation of any campus housing contracts, allowable refunds, etc.