In 2015, The Veteran Legacy Fund (VLF) was established as a means of garnering support from alums, friends and community members who stand with us in our aspirations of making Syracuse University “the best place for veterans™” and military-connected students.

We understand the challenges our recent graduates face as they transition to the workforce, start new careers and begin or continue raising families.  We also believe that each supporter of the VLF deserves special recognition. Our office would like to recognize “graduates of the last decade” (G.O.L.D.), who desire to take their commitment a step further.

If you graduated from Syracuse University within the last ten years, you are formally invited to become part of the Veteran Legacy Fund 1944 Circle. Members make a five-year pledge of $100 or more annually to provide unrestricted support to our initiatives.

Choose Your 5-Year Membership Level

Members make a gift of at least $100 per year for a minimum of five years, which equates to a total pledge of $500 to the Veteran Legacy Fund.

Annual Giving Levels

  • Members: $100 per year
  • Associates: $250 per year
  • Patrons: $500 per year
  • Cornerstone: $750 per year

See example below:

John Q. Donor wishes to join the Veteran Legacy Fund 1944 Circle at the Member Level of $100 per year for five years ($500).  Upon navigating to the giving page, he sees that he can set up scheduled payments and enters in a total gift amount of $500.  Based on his preference, he opts to make quarterly installments of $25 for a total of 20 quarters, or five years.

Payments can be made: Lump Sum / Monthly / Quarterly / Annually

For more information on the Veteran Legacy Fund 1944 Circle, or to discuss a targeted gift in support of veteran and military-connected student programming, please call 315-443-0141

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