National Veterans Resource Center Recognized for Being Green

While several iconic buildings on campus have been illuminated with green light during the evenings in honor of Veterans Day, the National Veterans Resource Center (NVRC) at the Dan and Gayle D’Aniello Building has been recognized for being green in an entirely different way. Last week, the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) recognized Syracuse University for the NVRC at its 2022 Upstate Leadership Awards Gala with the presentation of the Judge’s Choice Award.

Hometown Hero: Samuel Ruiz

United States Marine Corps Sergeant Samuel Ruiz was born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona. SGT Ruiz enlisted in the Marine Corps on November 25, 2015, and he has served in the 2nd Marine Division in Jacksonville, North Carolina, the 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing in Miramar, California, and the Special Purpose Marine Air Ground Task Force Crisis Response Central Command in Camp Pendleton, California. He currently serves with Echo Company, 4th Light Armored Reconnaissance Battalion in Syracuse, New York.

Meet Tillman Scholar Anthony Ornelaz

Almost every year Syracuse University adds at least one military-connected student to its growing roster of Tillman Scholars. In 2022, Syracuse was honored with four students being selected for the prestigious scholarship by the Pat Tillman Foundation. Aside from being the largest cohort of Tillman Scholars selected from Syracuse, this year also featured the first addition from the English Department at the College of Arts and Sciences, student veteran Anthony Ornelaz.

Celebrating Veterans Day at the Best Place for Veterans

Every year the nation pauses on Nov. 11 to honor those who have served in the military on Veterans Day. With Syracuse University being renowned as the Best Place for Veterans, it’s no surprise the University goes the extra mile to recognize the day each year. This year saw a flurry of activity around Veterans Day, most of which is planned and executed by the University’s Office of Veteran and Military Affairs (OVMA). The activities would not be possible, however, without the community coming together to support the day—including by illuminating many campus buildings in green light in honor of all veterans past and present.

Veterans Day 2022 Profile – Adrian Byrne

The opportunity to travel the world is an enriching experience that many college students take advantage of through semester abroad programs every year. There are far fewer students who get to have that opportunity earlier in their education though. Adrian Byrne, a student veteran in the College of Law at Syracuse University, spent every other summer in his mother’s home country of Hungary. Eventually he would have the opportunity to study abroad in Holland for a year, an experience that would aid him in the travel-filled journey he would set out on after high school.

Veteran Day 2022 Profile – Jennifer Aquino

As a non-traditional student, Jennifer Aquino often finds herself in classes with other students who are much younger than she is. In fact, she has a teenage son who probably has more in common with her classmates than she does. Aquino also brings a far different experience to the classroom after she first left her home in Puerto Rico almost 20 years ago to join the U.S. Navy.

Veterans Day 2022 Profile – Dr. Jack Graver

The Great Depression often conjures images of long bread lines, sagebrush rolling over dusty farmlands baren from drought, and sprawling shantytowns full of families struggling through unemployment. For one Syracuse University professor with the College of Arts and Sciences, however, the era was a time where families often got together to support one another, and large pot-luck meals were served with other families in the community.

Student Veterans Visit the Big Apple to Connect With Industry Leaders

Student veterans recently traveled to New York City on a four-day trip sponsored by the Office of Veteran and Military Affairs (OVMA). The 13 students weren’t going to make the standard tourist rounds the city is known for though. They were stepping through the doors of some of the most renowned corporations to gain a better understanding of the corporate world and network with representatives they may find themselves working alongside in the future.

Meet Tillman Scholar Natasha DeLeon

When Natasha DeLeon opted to join the military after high school, one of the reasons she decided to enlist was that she understood the value of an education. She was also well-aware there was a financial cost required to obtain it. While the G.I. Bill is a well-known educational benefit for military service, each branch of the military has unique benefits for servicemembers seeking to better themselves through higher education, and for DeLeon the educational benefits were among her top priorities in terms of what she was seeking.

Hometown Hero: Raul Rosique, Jr.

United States Navy veteran Raul Rosique was born in Delano, California, and raised in Richgrove, California. Raul shipped out to boot camp a few months after his high school graduation at age 18 in 2014. Raul’s enlistment was for five years, and he was set to be attached to a Nuclear Submarine as a Logistic Specialist. After completing logistical training in Mississippi and Submarine training in Connecticut, he received orders to Pearl Harbor, Hawaii which luckily ended up being his only duty station.