Targeted Areas to Support

Ways you can make a difference in a military-connected student’s life


Consider establishing a scholarship to show your support for military-connected students

Scholarships provide access to the best education experience and are a tremendous way to show your support for military-connected students

Gerald B. and Roberta M. FaigleThe Gerald B. ’58, ‘59 and Roberta M. Faigle ‘60 Scholarship is an $100,000 endowed scholarship open to graduate student veterans across the University’s schools and colleges, both on-campus and online. Awarded annually, the gift will empower military veterans as the next generation of public and private sector leaders committed to service beyond self.

“As a veteran I believe that advanced education for veterans is a real key in developing our future leaders. We are happy to help achieve this.”

-Gerry and Bobbie Faigle, U.S. Air Force Veteran, Syracuse University Alumni

For more information on how you can support military-connected students through a named scholarship, please contact us at (315) 443-0141 or by email

Career Immersion

A gift to The Veteran and Military-Connected Student Career Immersion Program will help prepare students to successfully secure civilian careers upon graduation

Paul Dottle

The Veteran and Military-Connected Student Immersion Program prepares students for civilian careers upon graduation. Through a combination of skills assessment, preparatory career-focused seminars and courses, and a three-day immersion trip to major metropolitan areas across the country, this experiential offering provides student veterans with valuable career networking and engagement opportunities.

“My family is honored to be part of everything that is happening at Syracuse University in support of veteran and military-connected students on campus. A unique challenge faced by many of our student veterans is the task of navigating career opportunities.  That is why I chose to endow the Veteran and Military-Connected Student Immersion Program. As a veteran and a proud father of a former U.S. Air Force officer, I can’t imagine a better cause to support.”

-Paul Dottle, Former Office of Veteran and Military Affairs Advisory Board Chair

ROTC Professional Development

A gift to the ROTC Professional Development empowers aspiring cadets to enhance their leadership, management, team building, and communication skills to unleash their potential as future leaders

Peggy Combs

ROTC Professional Development helps to support additional leadership training and activities that enhances the Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) program. It offers numerous opportunities for cadets to participate in staff rides, retreats, lectures, and seminars to learn how to effectively inspire, develop, and lead others.

“The University and the ROTC program set the foundational leadership skills that helped to shape me into the person I am today, and I am tremendously proud of my alma mater as it supports and empowers my fellow veterans, service members and their families.  I established the ROTC Professional Development Fund to provide our future – our Cadets, with additional experiential opportunities to exercise, apply and test their mental agility, communication skills, and overall leadership abilities.”

Major General Peggy Combs, US Army Retired ’85, highest-ranking female military officer to graduate from Syracuse University, Office of Veteran and Military Affairs Advisory Board Member

Student Veteran Undergraduate Internships

A gift to the Veteran Legacy Fund supports the Student Veteran Undergraduate Internship Award, which provides up to $5,000 in financial assistance per undergraduate student veteran who is attending Syracuse University and is interested in pursuing an internship over the summer semester. The award can help offset the cost of travel, living expenses or tuition, removing barriers to internship opportunities for student veterans.

Jeanne and Mark WesterveltThe OVMA Student Veteran Undergraduate Internship Award was established to eliminate the financial barriers that impede student veterans from participating in internships. The award is open to all full- and part-time undergraduate student veterans. The annual award provides financial assistance to undergraduate student veterans during the summer semester, when internships are most prevalent. The purpose of the award is to help student veterans find the right jobs following graduation and internships are a crucial component of that job search.

“Veteran students aren’t typical undergraduate students. Veteran students are older, more mature, have greater life responsibilities and may even be supporting a family. An unpaid internship creates financial barriers for veteran students. The Student Veteran Undergraduate Internship Award breaks these financial barriers and allows veteran students access to the invaluable experiences associated with internships.”

–Mark Westervelt, Office of Veteran and Military Affairs Advisory Board Member, & Jeanne Westervelt