A team of active duty Air Force personnel (Cadre) and one full-time Syracuse University administrative assistant manage the Air Force ROTC program at Syracuse University. The staff is responsible for overseeing the Cadet Group, teaching foundational leadership lessons to create joint-minded, aggressive learners who are ready to lead!

Cadets will engage with all Cadre at different levels and with different frequencies. The Detachment Commander (Det/CC) oversees the entire execution of the Cadet Group. The Operations Flight Commander (OFC) ensures effective training plans are developed and properly executed to meet all training objectives.  The Recruiting Officer (RO) seeks individuals of merit to fit the needs of future officers in the Air Force and Space Force. Detachment Noncommissioned Officers (NCOs) manages all medical and administrative requirements for each cadet. The Program Manager ensures proper continuity of scholarships, cadet pay, office coordination and special events.

Current Detachment 535 Cadre: