The Daniel and Gayle D’Aniello Building, home to the National Veterans Resource Center (NVRC) at Syracuse University is conceived as a class-leading, exemplar of academic, government, and community collaboration.

The NVRC functions as the center of veteran life on the campus of Syracuse University, in the local community, and across Central New York. Specifically, the NVRC leverages a public-private sector partnership model, to nurture academic research, actionable programming, and collaborative thought leadership positioned to impact veterans and their families on the campus of Syracuse University, in New York State, and in communities across the U.S. Accordingly, the NVRC creates the conditions necessary to build upon and solidify Syracuse University’s ongoing effort to position CNY as the nation’s hub of research and programming connected to the veteran and military sectors.


A multi-use facility, the NVRC serves to anchor the Institute for Veterans and Military Families (IVMF) as a Central New York/Syracuse University institution, thus ensuring that the jobs and federal/private-industry funding currently directed to the IVMF and SU’s other military and veteran-connected programs continue to support the economic engine of the Syracuse community, the region, and Syracuse University. Additionally, the NVRC houses the state-of-the-art vocational and educational programs designed to advance the economic success of the region’s and the nation’s veterans and military families, and also serves as a platform through which to seed, nurture, and coordinate veteran-connected academic research and technology commercialization consistent with the goals of Syracuse University’s academic strategic plan – across the full breadth of the Syracuse University research enterprise – in a synergistic and strategic program of effort. Some of the research areas and technology commercialization opportunities include the following focus areas:

Clinical Psychology & Social WorkHuman Performance
Disability & LawProsthetics
Public HealthSensors
Exercise ScienceNutrition
Speech & HearingRegenerative Medicine
Child & Family studiesAging, Demography, & Health
Biomedical Engineering & DevicesData Science
Computer SciencePublic Administration & Public Policy
Nano-technology & Data-FusionTele-Health & Tele-Medicine

The facility itself is purposefully designed as a community convening hub, and is accessible to community organizations, as well as local and state government partners, for the purpose of facilitating programs, trainings, events, and initiatives. The NVRC includes a regional student veterans’ resource center, serving as a one-stop-shop in support of the educational needs of the region’s veterans and families. The University’s storied legacy of service to the nation’s veterans is on permanent display through the use of dedicated gallery space, to serve as a platform to highlight present-day exhibitions of art, culture, and performance relevant to the military-connected community.

Designed as a LEED-certified facility and constructed in accordance with Universal Design practices, the NVRC is a facility welcoming and accommodating to veterans and others with disabilities.

The NVRC is the first new building to be realized as part of Syracuse University’s recently developed Campus Framework.

The overall objectives of the Campus Framework include enlivening the civic realm; revitalizing the academic core; creating a campus-city community; integrating diverse student life activities; and establishing mixed-use neighborhoods. The NVRC assists in transforming today’s underutilized streetscape into a vibrant urban promenade.

The Daniel and Gayle D’aniello building is purposefully designed as a convening hub, and is accessible to community organizations, as well as local and state government partners, for the purpose of facilitating programs, training’s, events, conferences, and initiatives positioned to advance the social, educational, and economic situation of America’s veterans and military families.  To that end, the NVRC includes classroom spaces to accommodate local and national veteran-focused programming, along with a conference center and auditorium suitable to host community activities, lectures, and national convening events and conferences.


  • Institute for Veterans and Military Families (IVMF)
  • Syracuse University Office of Veteran and Military Affairs (OVMA)
  • Army Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC)
  • Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC)
  • Syracuse University & Regional Student Veterans Resource Center
  • U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs ‘Vet-Success on Campus’
  • Center of Excellence for Veteran Entrepreneurship
  • Veteran Business Outreach Center & Accelerator
  • Flexible office space for local, county, and state government veteran representatives and community-based veterans organizations


  • Workforce & Vocational Skills Training (local, state, regional)
  • Educational Programming & Counseling (local, state, regional)
  • Institutional Headquarters (IVMF and OVMA)
  • Institutional Headquarters (ROTC)
  • National, Regional, and Local Community Convening Hub & Conference Center
  • Interdisciplinary Research and Development Center of Excellence
  • Veteran Business Outreach Center & Business Accelerator
  • Regional Cultural Center & Museum

The Building Itself

Architectural Record broke down the design of the NVRC so you can get an inside look at how it was constructed and the thought process put into each piece of the building to bridge the military, civilian, and university divide into one inspiring building for all.

Training & Programs

The NVRC consolidates a robust portfolio of the nation’s premier, military- & veteran-focused educational, vocational, and community engagement programs on the campus of Syracuse University.

NVRC Educational, Vocational, and Community engagement Programs:

Facts & Figures

  • $62.5M total project cost
  • 115,000 square foot facility
  • 3,700 square foot event space
  • Auditorium and multi-media center
  • Various classroom space
  • LEED certified building, incorporating sustainable materials and technologies
  • Universal design standards for ADA compliance
  • Open concept configuration for enhanced collaboration and flexibility
  • Resource facility for student veterans, to include relevant support services
  • State-of-the-art information lab, leveraging assistive technology to support education and career development

5-Year Impact

  • Generate $300M in regional economic activity
  • Create and sustain 300+ direct and indirect jobs
  • Annually train and support 40,000 veterans through programs that have generated 4,000 new jobs and $225M in revenue
  • Produce $22M in outside financial influx for travel and tourism
  • Bring an additional 5,000+ annual hotel nights to CNY translating to an annual $2.5M in local room occupancy and sales tax
  • Build and leverage $75M in matching external research, $32M in new funding proposals, and $19M in new research awards
  • Consolidate and leverage resources from over 15+ major corporate partners