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Join the Veteran Leadership Circle

The Veteran Leadership Circle (VLC) is a dedicated network of leadership annual donors who share a common goal of supporting one of Syracuse University’s highest priorities; military-connected students. As a member, you will receive updates on how your contributions directly impact students, along with the latest news from the Office of Veteran and Military Affairs (OVMA). Exclusive events allow members to engage with each other and University leadership, creating connections and opportunities to work together to advance Syracuse University’s mission making it the “Best Place for Veterans.”

Membership starts with an annual gift of $2,500 to the Syracuse University Veteran Legacy Fund.

The Veteran Leadership Circle Membership Gift Levels





Additional information about the Veteran Legacy Fund: Veteran Leadership Circle can be found in our FAQ section below. To learn more or to make a gift to one or more eligible funds, please contact us at 315-443-0141 or

Veteran Leadership Circle Membership Benefits Include:

  • VLC member packet thank you with Syracuse University flag pin
  • Monthly OVMA E-Newsletter
  • Exclusive VLFLC cling
  • Recognition on the OVMA website and in the OVMA Annual Report
  • Invitations to OVMA and other military-connected events, in person and virtual
  • Membership to Syracuse University’s “The Hill Society”
  • In addition to the basic membership benefits, premiere members can have these additional engagement opportunities:
    $5,000+: Year-end virtual meeting with OVMA Executive Director and OVMA staff
    $10,000+: Twice yearly (Fall and Spring) virtual meeting with OVMA Executive Director and OVMA staff and military-connected students
    $25,000+: In person meeting with OVMA Executive Director and Year-end virtual meeting (or in person) with Vice Chancellor for Strategic Initiatives & Innovation; Syracuse University

Renewing members along with VLC membership benefits will receive:

  • Syracuse University OVMA logo gift
  • Thank you video message

Current Veteran Leadership Circle Members

Thank you to our current VLC Members for your generous support.


Mr. William B. Barnes
Mr. Michael F. Bocketti 
     Mrs. Donna Marie Bocketti
Maj. Timothy P. Brady USA, Ret.
     Ms. Bernadette H. Brady
Col. David E. Bronner Jr., USA, Ret.
     Mrs. Angelika K. Bronner
Mr. George T. Bruckman
Ms. Carol A. Campbell
Ms. Mary Jo Coleman
Col. Eileen M. Collins, USAF Ret
     Mr. James Patrick Youngs, Jr.
Mrs. Ingrid C. Coutts
     Mr. Robert B. Coutts
Mr. Paul M. Dottle & Family
Mr. David J. Evangelista
     Ms. Belinda G. Evangelista
Mr. Victor A. Eyo
     Sharon A. McFayden-Eyo, M.D.
Dr. Anne Fantini
     Maj. Gen. Fantini
Ms. Elizabeth A. Fantini
Mr. Barry G. Flanik
     Mrs. Kirsten Prebianca Flanik
Ms. Cheryl L. Gilberg
Maj. Harold B. Gilbert, USAF, Ret
     Mrs. Mary Gilbert
CSM Gary I. Ginsburg, USA, Ret.
Mr. John W. Golden, Jr.
     Mrs. Gloria K. Golden
Mr. Patrick B. Gregory, USN Ret.
Mr. Millard Hall Jr.
    Mrs. Lynette Hall
Mr. John H. Hartman
     Mrs. Carol D. Hartman
Dr. James M. Haynie
Dr. Kathleen Herrman
     Mr. Ernest L. Herrman
Ms. Cydney Johnson ’77, G’96
Mr. Wilder J. Leavitt
Ms. Mary P. Morningstar
Col. John L. Litzenberger, USAF, Ret.
     Mrs. Barbara Litzenberger
Mr. Jeffrey C. Mason
Mr. James F. McCaffery
Lt. Col. Paul F. Meagher L’96
The Hon. Norman A. Mordue
     Mrs. Christina P. Mordue

Col. Dr. Lawrence Myers, Jr., USA, Ret*
The Novack Family
Mr. Malcolm D. Patel
     Mrs. Kristen H. Patel
Dr. Mark Pollitt
     Ms. Jane B. Pollitt
Mr. Kenneth L. Quaglio
     Ms. Valerie H. Quaglio
Mr. F. Glenn Richardson
Mr. Mark W. Ryan*
    Mrs. Nancy A. Ryan
Mr. Harold I. Steinberg
     Mrs. Lana G. Steinberg
Dr. Melvin T. Stith
     Dr. Patricia L. Stith
Dr. Barbara M. Tagg
     Mr. David J. Tagg, Sr.
Mr. Raymond Toenniessen G’06
Mr. Mark E. Westervelt
     Ms. Jeanne M. Westervelt
Mrs. Maureen Wilkin
     Mr. Michael J. Wilkin
Lt. Col. Robert C. Wright, USAF Ret.
     Ms. Suzanne L. Wright
Anonymous Alumni, Parents, & Friends

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to renew my membership in the VLC every year?
Yes, it will be renewed each year when you make your annual gift (minimum of $2,500) to the Veteran Legacy Fund.

Do I need to increase my gift each year to stay in the VLC?
No, if the gift meets the minimum requirements of $2,500.

What are the benefits of becoming a member of the VLC?
The Veteran Legacy Fund provides an inclusive network with exclusive access:

  • Each member will receive a welcome packet with specialty branded with Veteran Leadership Circle materials
  • Exclusive invitations to the Office of Veteran and Military Affairs events
  • Office of Veteran and Military Affairs Newsletter
  • Opportunities to network with other Veteran Leadership Circle members throughout the year

What is the Veteran Legacy Fund?

Annual dollars provided through the Veteran Legacy Fund are flexible and immediately available, enabling the executive director of the Office of Veteran and Military Affairs to funnel those dollars wherever they are most urgently needed. Tuition and fees account for only a portion of Syracuse University’s annual budget. Annual contributions to the Veteran Legacy Fund are crucial, creating an essential bridge between tuition revenues and the actual cost of a Syracuse University education. Gifts to the Veteran Legacy Fund are counted within our fiscal calendar of July 1 – June 30.

How are contributions to the Veteran Legacy Fund used?

Year after year, gifts to the Veteran Legacy Fund make scholarships, and once-in-a-lifetime opportunities possible for students. Annual gifts help the Office of Veteran and Military Affairs provide financial support and learning experiences to veteran and military-connected students, including career immersion trips, internships, scholarships, and professional development.

Whatever the size of your gift, your support strengthens Syracuse University’s ability to ensure military-connected students have the support and resources they need.

For questions, please reach us at 315-443-0141 or email