Vintage photo of military students walking with flagsChancellor TolleySyracuse University’s seventh Chancellor, William P. Tolley, had a strategic vision that would redefine the University. By opening the doors to any returning service member who aspired to receive a college education, he effectively ignited the spark for unprecedented growth.

Within two years, campus enrollment tripled. His vision helped transform Syracuse University into one of the largest private universities in the nation, while creating many military-connected programs that endure across campus.

Flash forward 70 years and Chancellor Kent Syverud also has a compelling vision. During his 2014 inaugural speech, he announced that one of his four strategic priorities was to “once again make Syracuse University the best place for veterans.” The University is now dedicated to becoming the national exemplar by providing opportunity and empowering our nation’s veterans and their families.

The Leadership Circle is comprised of a powerful group of supporters who provide unrestricted operating funds essential to our mission and help shape the future of Syracuse University’s veteran and military-connected students and employees.

Members make a gift of at least $1,000 per year for a minimum of five years, which equates to a total pledge of $5,000 to the Veteran Legacy Fund.

See below for example:

Jane Donor wishes to join the Veteran Legacy Fund Leadership Circle with a gift of $1,000 per year for five years ($5,000).  Upon navigating to the giving page, she sees that she can set up scheduled payments and enters in a total gift amount of $5,000.  Based on her preference, she opts to make monthly installments of $83.33 for a total of 60 months, or five years.

*Payments can be made:  Lump Sum  ||  Monthly  ||  Quarterly  ||  Semiannually  ||  Annually

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For questions please contact Dan Bateman, Director of Development at 315-744-6711 or

Current Leadership Circle Members

To all of our current members, thank you for your generous support and leadership.

Mr. Michael F. Bocketti
Mrs. Donna Marie Bocketti
Mr. John W. Golden, Jr.
Mrs. Gloria K. Golden
The Novack Family
Maj. Timothy P. Brady USA, Ret.
Ms. Bernadette H. Brady
Mr. Millard Hall Jr.
Mrs. Lynette Hall
Mr. Malcolm D. Patel
Mrs. Kristen H. Patel
Col. David E. Bronner Jr., USA, Ret.
Mrs. Angelika K. Bronner
Dr. James M. Haynie Dr. Mark Pollitt
Ms. Jane B. Pollitt
Mr. George T. Bruckman Dr. Kathleen Herrman
Mr. Ernest L. Herrman
Mr. Kenneth L. Quaglio
Ms. Valerie H. Quaglio
Ms. Carol A. CampbellMs. Cydney Johnson '77, G'96Mr. F. Glenn Richardson
Ms. Mary Jo ColemanMr. Wilder J. Leavitt
Ms. Mary P. Morningstar
Mr. Arnold J. Rubenstein
Mrs. Libby Rubenstein
Col. Eileen M. Collins, USAF Ret
Mr. James Patrick Youngs, Jr.
Col. John L. Litzenberger, USAF (ret)
Mrs. Barbara Litzenberger
Mr. Mark W. Ryan
Mrs. Nancy A. Ryan
Mrs. Ingrid C. Coutts
Mr. Robert B. Coutts
Mr. Jeffrey C. Mason Mr. Harold I. Steinberg
Mrs. Lana G. Steinberg
Mr. Paul M. Dottle & Family Mr. James F. McCaffery Dr. Melvin T. Stith
Dr. Patricia L. Stith
Mr. David J. Evangelista
Ms. Belinda G. Evangelista
Lt. Col. Paul F. Meagher L'96Dr. Barbara M. Tagg
Mr. David J. Tagg, Sr.
Mr. Barry G. Flanik
Mrs. Kirsten Prebianca Flanik
Col. Dr. Lawrence Myers, Jr., USA, RetMr. Raymond Toenniessen G'06
Ms. Cheryl L. Gilberg The Hon. Norman A. Mordue
Mrs. Christina P. Mordue
Mr. Mark E. Westervelt
Ms. Jeanne M. Westervelt
Maj. Harold B. Gilbert, USAF, Ret.
Mrs. Mary Gilbert
Mr. James E. Morley, Jr.
Mrs. Elizabeth Morley
Lt. Col. Robert C. Wright, USAF Ret.
Ms. Suzanne L. Wright
CSM Gary I. Ginsburg, USA, Ret. Anonymous Alumni, Parents, & Friends

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