What is Army ROTC?

The Reserve Officer Training Corps is a college elective that develops Leadership Skills in our students as they prepare for Military Service. Army ROTC offers a commission as a second lieutenant in either the active Army or Reserve Forces in a variety of career fields including Combat Arms (Aviation, Armor, Artillery, Infantry, or Engineers), Combat Support, and Combat Service Support branches. There are two-, three-, and four-year scholarship programs available. Some cadets choose to join the National Guard or the Army Reserve while in Army ROTC, thus qualifying them for the Montgomery GI Bill benefits, in-state tuition (VANG) and other exciting benefits.

What Do We Do?

Training with Army ROTC is a new experience every week. Training covers a wide range of skills that are needed to be an Officer in the Army. Below is a list outlining the various exercises we work on throughout our training.

  • Situational Training Exercises – These exercises allow us to learn and practice the different types of offensive operations and tactics used on the battlefield.
  • Land Navigation – During land navigation exercises, we learn the ins and outs of map reading, as well as how to navigate land with just a map and compass.
  • Combat Water Survival Test – This exercise allows us to test our abilities in the water during stressful situations.
  • Physical Fitness – We work on our physical fitness three days a week to ensure our bodies are in top shape to pass the Army Physical Fitness Test.
  • Military Ball and Dining In – These events bring everyone in the battalion together to have some fun and bond outside of training.
  • Cadet Battalion Team Building – Once a year we organize a battalion event to build cohesiveness among cadets (skiing/snowboarding, ropes course, rock climbing, etc).