Frederick “Fred” Shibel Sr was born in Lawrence, Massachusetts in 1927. Upon graduating from Lawrence High School at 17, Fred enlisted into the U.S. Navy in 1944 during World War II; even though his two older brothers – Chuck and Ed – were already in the war, he wouldn’t have been drafted.

Fred thought joining his brothers fighting for our nation was his duty and honor. After basic training, Fred was deployed to Shanghai, China, where his ship was poised to invade Japan, but thankfully, the war ended two years later, and Fred received his honorable discharge.

After the war ended, Fred attended Syracuse University through the GI Bill that Chancellor Tully of Syracuse University sponsored. While at Syracuse University, he received a chemical and industrial engineering undergraduate degree in 1950. Fred stayed at Syracuse to receive his master’s in chemical engineering in 1952. While at Syracuse, he met the love of his life, Joan Ungaro. They were married in 1950 and eventually had and raised four children: daughters Susan, Jo Ann, and Lynne and son Rick.

After graduating from Syracuse University, Fred became a senior engineer at the Diamond Shamrock Company and later a project manager at Onondaga Associates in Lafayette and Crouse-Hinds Company in Syracuse. In 1979, he founded the Surface Finishing Corporation, which sold chemical systems and equipment for resurfacing metal. The company provided the systems, chemicals, and equipment for companies to clean and place surfaces on metals used on products ranging from aircraft propellers to computer electronics. Fred continued running his business until he was 90 years old.