Meet John Nipper: Student and Veterans Advocate at Syracuse University

John Nipper is a master’s student at Syracuse University’s Maxwell School. He serves as the president of the Student Veterans Organization, offering unique insights into the university experience. As he discusses the abundant resources, dedicated advisors, and specialized programs, Nipper emphasizes how Syracuse University equips student veterans for a successful transition from military service to higher education.

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Hi. My name is John Nipper. I’m a master’s degree student at the Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs. I’m also the president of the Student Veterans Organization here at Syracuse University. Being a student here is a wild experience. There are so many resources and opportunities available to students in general, but to veterans specifically. There’s so many opportunities and resources on campus that make this experience unparalleled.

In addition to having a dedicated veterans resource center, which we’re standing in right now, we have dedicated advisors and programs, not to mention funding and specialty scholarships and a host of things that equip the student veterans here on campus to have a successful college experience. Syracuse University does a really fantastic job equipping student veterans for their transition from military service into higher education, all of these intangible and soft skills that veterans inherently have. Syracuse does a really, really good job at taking those and harnessing them for the students and teaching them how to apply them into an academic environment to help set them up for their next step of success.