Request for Certification

Do not use this form if you receive VA Vocational Rehabilitation benefits. You must work with your VA Rehabilitation Counselor and submit direct payment certification requests to Syracuse University Bursar Operations, 102 Archbold North Syracuse NY 13244-1140.

My signature below indicates that I understand that in order to comply with Veteran’s Administration regulations, Syracuse University’s Office of Veteran Success must submit registration and academic progress reports to the Veteran’s Administration. Furthermore, I must report any changes in my registration status (listed below) within two weeks from the date of their occurrence. I also understand that registration changes may affect the VA Benefit amounts paid to me. A change in my registration can cause overpayment on my VA account, which I would be required to repay. Additionally, I understand that failure to properly advise the SU Office of Veteran Success could result in immediate cancellation of any certifications submitted to the Veteran’s Administration.

Registration changes that must be reported

Added Classes – Report the day the add becomes effective

Dropped Classes – Report the last day of attendance in the class

Audit Grades – Report this grade option, if I choose it. The VA will not pay for classes for which I request an Audit Grade

Withdrawals – Report the last day of attendance in the class

Repeated Classes – Report any class I am repeating for credit. The VA will pay for such a class only if the
initial grade was an “F.”

NA or Missing Grade – A class with an “NA” (Never Attended) grade or missing grade will not be paid by the VA. I will be responsible to repay any monies received for these classes.