College of Professional Studies Announces Degree Completion Partnership With the United States Army Warrant Officer Career College

Syracuse University continues to demonstrate its national leadership role as the best university for veterans and military-connected students with a first-of-its-kind degree completion partnership with the United States Army Warrant Officer Career College (USAWOCC).

Under the first-of-its-kind agreement, Syracuse University will award 51 course credits to warrant officer candidates and senior warrant officers completing programs of instruction at the USAWOCC. The agreement is designed to assist participating soldiers in obtaining one or more of the following undergraduate degrees through the College of Professional Studies including business management, creative leadership, knowledge management and policy studies.

“This partnership agreement dramatically expands access to Syracuse University for active duty, guard and reserve warrant officers who have or will complete Warrant Officer Career College,” says Michael Frasciello, dean of the College of Professional Studies. “Our commitment to providing flexible and progressive pathways for military-connected students immediately extends to the approximately 28,000 Warrant Officers serving in the United States Army.”

Syracuse University’s enduring commitment to veteran and military-connected students dates back more than 100 years. As one of the best private schools in the country for military-connected students, the University offers online and residential part-time undergraduate study to active-duty military, guard and reservists earning the distinction of being the Best Place for Veterans.