Syracuse University Launches Operation Veteran Promise

As part of its enduring commitment to veterans and their families and to being the “best place for veterans”, Syracuse University is launching a new program called Operation Veteran Promise. The Office of Admission will grant local students graduating this year a guaranteed pathway to enroll at Syracuse University after receiving an honorable discharge from the military.

“Since World War I student veterans have brought specialized training, a global perspective, and the adaptability that comes with serving in the United States armed forces into Syracuse University classrooms,” says Vice Chancellor of Strategic Initiatives & Innovation and Executive Director of the Institute for Veterans and Military Families, Mike Haynie. “After Syracuse University welcomed veterans at the conclusion of WWII, Chancellor William Tolley helped author the GI Bill and helped millions of veterans access higher education nationwide. Now with Operation Veteran Promise under Chancellor Syverud’s leadership and vision, Syracuse University is again committing to student veterans because our campus knows first-hand the values service members bring to our campus community and beyond,” says Haynie.

“Research shows veterans are often high-performing students with better grades and completion rates than comparable groups,” says Maurice Harris, Syracuse University’s Dean of Admissions. “Military service often helps people develop the character, attention to detail and work ethic needed to be a successful student,” says Harris.

The program is available for students who graduate on or after spring 2021 and complete an initial term of service on active duty, in the reserves or the National Guard. Students need to graduate high school with at least a cumulative unweighted high school GPA of 3.0 to be eligible. For More please visit the Operation Veteran Promise website.