Your Giving Impact

Empowering the Next Chapter: Supporting Military Connected Students with Scholarships

When you make a gift you play a critical role in accelerating our students’ progress toward achieving their life dreams as well as enabling them to become the kind of purpose-driven servant leaders who can change the world for the better. Without a doubt, scholarships impact lives. Read the stories of success that donor philanthropy makes possible every day throughout our military connected campus community.

  • Flanik Family Scholarship for Student Veterans
    • Established by Mr. Barry G. Flanik G’93 and Mrs. Kirsten P. Flanik
  • Wilder J. Leavitt and Mary P. Morningstar Scholarship for Military-Connected Students
    • Established by Mr. Wilder J. Leavitt ’86 and Ms. Mary P. Morningstar
  • James N. Lyons ’03 Sons and Daughters Memorial Scholarship Fund
  • Louis A. and Patricia H. Mautino Veteran Endowed Scholarship
  • Lucy and Joseph Napoli Veterans Scholarship Endowed Fund
    • Established by Mr. Ernest L. Herrman and Dr. Kathleen Herrman
  • Lt. Colonel Michael Novakovic ’55, USAF Ret. Endowed Scholarship
    • Established in 2023 by Ms. Phebe S.B. Novakovic ’53, Ms. Phebe N. Novakovic, and Mr. Michael B. Novakovic
  • C.J. Rapp Pittman Scholarship for Military Undergraduates
    • Established by Ms. C.J. Pittman ‘63
  • Richardson Family Scholarship for Military Family Members and Dependents
    • Established by Mr. F. Glenn Richardson G’89 and Mrs. Carol Richardson
  • ROTC Cadet Endowed Scholarship
    • Established in 2021 by Col. John L. Litzenberger USAF Ret. ’72, P’00 and Mrs. Barbara H. Litzenberger ’71, P’00
  • Bernard D. and Louise C. Rostker Dissertation Fund
  • Spall Endowed Scholarship Fund for Veterans
    • Established by Mr. Theodore F. Spall, Jr. ’69 and Mrs. Suzanne A. Spall
  • Patricia and Melvin Stith Graduate Student Fund
    • Established by Dr. Melvin T. G’73, Ph.D. ’78, P’05 and Dr. Patricia L. Stith G’77, P’05
  • The Captain Michael William Krzyzewski Award for Leadership and Civic Engagement

For more information on how you can join the leaders above and support military-connected students through a named scholarship, please contact us at (315) 443-0141 or by email